Friday, October 29, 2010

katerina Graham on stardoll!

Today we have Katerina Graham in Dressup & Games!

Shes adorable :)

Katerina Alexandra Graham (born September 5, 1989) is a Swiss born American actress,singer, record producer, dancer, and model. She is also the voice behind's single "I Got It from My Mama" as well as one of the spokesmodels (The Fantanas) for the Coca-Coladrink Fanta. Graham currently plays Bonnie Bennett in the The CW show The Vampire Diaries.Graham has also appeared in television shows such as an extra in Lizzie McGuire, Jackson's girlfriend, Allison, in Hannah Montana, and has appeared in Malcolm in the Middle. Recently, she has starred in hip-hop artist Nelly's latest music video, "Just a Dream."

Shes gorgeous:)
What do you think about Katerina Graham?
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  1. my god .. she's fabulous .. i like her .. i hope my doll is like her :)