Saturday, October 2, 2010

joanne1305 CG and free

finnaly joanne1305 is THE WINNER COVER GIRL TODAY :D
congratz to her
AND congratz to my frien mant__*
in the 2th place

if you want a free angle " sorry don't have picture "
- Go to Russian proxy

- In URL blank box Paste stardoll link:

- Click Surf / Go

- Log in stardoll

- past in the link :

- Click Go, Wait till page loads

- finnaly leave proxy
it's all

xx selena.g.65


  1. yayy...i am soo happy for joanne1305....congratz :D

  2. avril1894;i`m so happy that joanne won cg.keep it up joanne =-]

  3. Congratzz joanne!! You deserve it!! But whatever happened to the zaixhi competition?? Is that still up and running?? It said there if she didn't win there would still be a prize given out... ??? Anyways, COngrats!!

  4. @boyingtonpowa11 no she won a long time ago!