Thursday, October 21, 2010

something new!

i know that i post suite stuff but i came up recently with a good idea.the new collection of sunny bunny is awsum as we all know.and the thing that caught my eye in the collection was the Glum Plum extension suprisingly its a non-ss item it cost 6sd each and i advice all non-ss to make the best use of it :)
i am not good at making hairstyles..but here are some examples of hairstyles i hairstyles might not be that good ....but the basic point i mean is use your creativity and create an hairstyle for your medoll with this.a lot of variety can be go ahead make hairstyles...using it...and if you wish to share it with us then send a tiny pic of it.i will select the best ,most creative one and paste it here.... :)
hope this helped u...
see you after my term is over..miss u all