Sunday, October 10, 2010

My side of the story (About 10-10-10)

Remember this offer?:

well, here is my side of the story.

Personally, I think this is a rip-off because it basically is part of your play and earn. Now out of your 70 stardollars that you can spend, you waste 10 of those.
Adding to that, you don't actually "Earn" it, it just pops up there.

Another down side to this- you can buy things in 5 stardollar amounts. For example, if you wanted to buy something for 8 stardollars, it wouldn't allow you, its used to you spending only 5 stardollar amounts with play and earn.

What do you think of it?

I want some feedback!


  1. Aww..I wanted it badly..2 buy a dress...!!...
    Is there anything we can do 2 get it..
    Plsz tell me..


  2. i am 6/70 & i only get 5 stardolars why?

  3. i bought something for 7 then something else for 3

  4. It's not Letting me But anything,this is Rude.

  5. I bought the newest HB and a space invaders thing

  6. yes i just wish that SD made the 10sd be saved , but they did not =(
    hi to all and to joanne: i made a shirt for the "the stardoll society", i dont know if u will like it, i just printed two shirts...