Friday, January 21, 2011


Hello readers,how are you?
I was just back from school,go to check out news on stardoll...
and i saw THIS 
Wtf? Look who is in hottest designs and top designers.
Well,people who are on ''top'' are in hottest too
I think you are top designer if you design is in hottest
But,lucky from them,sad for others.
Where are designers who have good designs,like our owner,joaane1305?
I hope it is a glitch

Thanks to blogger Ericka to reminding me about this 
If you haven't notice yet,you can ONLY vote for designs from ''top designers''


  1. I agree, what AMATEUR designs, even I can do better!

  2. Stardolls Been Doing that Alot Latley :) x

  3. Since today in the morning it was that way. Just a few of the top designers are the designers you see at the everyday list as blunotte & that have good designs. I think that they started fresh on the voting & just accept designs from now on... Or hopefully it's a glitch. If you notice, the same 9 designs keep appearing or even just 2 appear.xx

  4. I'm very disapointed by this, once again, stardoll achieves new levels, but instead of satisfying, they fail in that miserably. I myself, was looking forwards to trying to get on the hottest designers list, and stay on it for as long as I could possibly could, but now, I hate to say it, I don't want to have any part with stardoll designing for until stardoll changes back to the original way!

  5. Look at the last 2 top designers, they even didn't do designs ! It is just a glitch !