Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beauty Parlor Changes

Hello every body!! As all of us know Beauty Parlor Changes are the subject of all Stardoll members so i decided to do post that can describe you very well those changes and the opinion of many people on!!
So here is!! Enjoy....

I think Stardoll wanna show us that our medolls are ugly.. that what i think cause by looking to the picture we can see the ugly parts that stardoll puts on but in the other side is too realistic and beauiful but is like a cheat cause the eyse aren't on the beauty parlor and also the mouth
I think the changes are good so look at my medoll now she's shining
Before                                                 After
I really like the lipgloss on many mouths that look real and originalnot like before
Noses aren't changing to better i think some of them cause there are some that look nice and realistic
Changing is good by time to time but Stardoll shoulden't change all like STARDOLL MAKEOVER many members didn't like it Stardoll has change totally,also the moving and sizing of things and now the beauty parlor... The question here WHY THOSE CHANGES??
Hope that medolls clothes,suites don't change that will be not good well for me i really don't like that all changes
We want from all readers if commenting here about what they think and also give us some ideas about those changes that we can know about the real thing about it
Hope that you like the post.. i will post soon about many real versions of many clothes on stardoll so be with us
With my love xoxo Hanae785

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