Saturday, January 29, 2011

We don't Want!!!!

Hi readers!! i made a graphic to give stardoll our opinion about the DISNEYDOLL idea
so here is the graphic (If the news are real and not fake) you can post it on your blogs and other Stardoll websites.....
(the piture is from 1SD back petition)
Hope those news aren't true.....xoxo Hanae785


  1. I love it!stardoll should take a look!!

  2. I hope you are crediting this graphic to the person who made it, because I once remember seeing a graphic just like this, but on the poster instead said "Bring back our 1sd" or something like that...

  3. You should send the picture link to stardoll by suggestion mail :)

  4. I thought that the Disney buying Stardoll thing was real, but when I searched it in Google, I couldn't find anything proving it. So I think it's kinda fake....

    (^^This is what changed my mind^^)

  5. Sign our petition if you do not like this horrible idea !!

    And I'll send the petition to Stardoll and then they can see how we luv Stardoll ^^

  6. Khm, you copied, credit?
    I remember it as bring our 1sd back

  7. @ LOVEGOSSIP4LIFE @PIP_LOVER_Anin yes i know and also many people know it i take the picture from stardoll petition and i don't know who do it but i change the text into a petition for not selling stardoll to disney and also cause this banner is famous by a petition that give a solution hope you'll understeasnd...xoxo Hanae785

  8. The creator of Stardoll recently had an interview and mentioned that Disney might be a [possible buyer of Stardoll.

    REGARDLESS of whether or not it is a rumor or fake, I have created a petition to stop it.
    I will send Stardoll and Disney the petition as soon as has received many signatures.

    It may not be happening at all, but let's prevent it from happening in the future (like Club Penguin).

    I want to ask a huge favor, that you post about this petition.

    Because I want it to get as many signatures as possible.
    I would really appreciate it.

    Here is the link to the petition:
    Here is my post about it:
    My SD username is Princesspea105