Saturday, January 15, 2011

90 Million... how did it acheive that, thinking back from day 1!

Yes, I'm aware that Pip_Lover_Amin made a post of this, but I had a few extra words to add :)
As of January 15th, 2011, Stardoll makes an overachieving goal of 90 million members!

Lets take a whiz back through time all the way back to the creation of stardoll!

This picture is the earliest version of 'Paperdoll Heaven' which would lead to stardoll in later history...
This is one of the first versions of Stardoll! Here, I believe you didn't have a medoll yet, but still you could not create a medoll... You can also notice that there wasn't even 1 million members yet!!

 There is much more members here, and now there is a few more features, including your own medoll, stardesigning, and I bet a few more features!
You can now view a few more features, including members who are ss, and also a pick of the day!

Now, the homepage was changed, and believe it or not, this is the page I slightly remember when I made my first account... yes, I became a stardollian in February of 2009.

Here is the current front page when logging in:

Look at how much this wonderful success has changed!

I wonder what suprises will be in store when we reach 100+ million!?



  1. OMG! I remember Back at the Very First Picture. Stardoll Has Come a Long Way :D xxx

  2. Cool thanks! I know the 2nd to last one as well! Think about it, stardoll has a bigger population than places like germany, the UK or the netherlands (and many more!)