Thursday, January 27, 2011

February Hotbuys

Ok, first of all, I'm proud to say: We are the first blog who posted about this!!!
Hahah ok, now to get to the hotbuys. Here they are:
Here are the release dates:
February 1st: Hotbuys Dotted Jacket (Evil Panda)
February 4th: Hotbuys Double Belt (RIO)
February 8th: Hotbuys Vest (Fallen Angel)
February 10th: Hotbuys Fluffy Earings (Splendid)
February 12th: Hotbuys Sweater (Evil Panda)
February 14th: Hotbuys Striped Dress (Fudge)
February 17th: Hotbuys Shoes (Stardoll)
February 20th: Hotbuys Tee top (Fudge)
February 24th: Hotbuys Dress (Bisou)
"January" 26th: Hotbuys Stardoll Bag (Pretty in Pink)
(Lol, apparently yet again, a stardoll glitch! Last hotbuy says January instead of February!)
Check it out before they fix it here: 
Or you can just take a look here:

Now for my review!
Hotbuys Dotted Jacket: I don't think it's that bad, but honestly I'm not impressed... I would definitely buy it, but It's not one of my favorite Hotbuys. I give it a 5/10.

Hotbuys Double Belt: I honestly don't think like it. It's good for making unique outfits, but I just can't imagine how much it will cost. I think I will buy it. Rating: 6/10.

Hotbuys Vest: Hmmm, this just doesn't look like a Hotbuy to me. I looks more like an everyday new arrival to the starplaza. I do like it, but since its a Hotbuy, it will obviously be overpriced. I might buy it. I give it a fair 6/10.
Hotbuys Fluffy Earings: Wow, the more I look at them, the more I like them. I think these might just be on my must haves list. I give them a generous 8/10 for their bright color.
Hotbuys Sweater: I like this piece. Its not my favorite, but I might buy it. Color is nice, I like the strawberry, the only thing that might bug me is the price... For a hotbuy, it deserves a 6/10.
Hotbuys Striped Dress: This dress makes me think of Katy Perry. I think the color is great, the design is not the best though. Sorry, 5/10 from me.
Hotbuys Shoes: I like these simple black heels, but from a hotbuy, I just expect more. As an accessory, it's a must have. I'm buying! 7/10
Hotbuys Tee top: One of my favorite pieces! "I want more" say it all! Color is nothing special, but somehow it tells me I should buy it... 7/10
Hotbuys Dress: Do I really have to say anything? I hope you agree with me that this is nothing but a cheap piece of crap. What outfit could you possibly make with this?! Lol, colors look terrible together, and I'm not a big fan of the design either. Reminds me of a potato sack... 3/10

Hotbuys Stardoll Bag: My favorite February Hotbuy! It's just so perfect for me! The perfect accessory, simply completes any outfit! Any perfect outfit, that is. I give it an outstanding 9/10. It's a must have!

Now remember, these are my opinions. Don't forget to leave yours! Oh and hope you didn't forget, I'm doing this because we are still looking for Hotbuys writers. (You can look at this post as an example of a good Hotbuys post.)

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  1. I dont normally collect hotbuys because they are overpriced sometimes not always that nice and I havnt been a superstar for that long.

    Anyway, out of these lot, most of them are not that brilliant. The style doesnt quite agree with me but whether thats just my taste, I dont know.

    The bag in my opinion is the nicest, but that mistake needs to be fixed, these are the "february hotbuys"