Sunday, January 30, 2011

Disneydoll: Update

Well even before this whole fiasco of "disneydoll" I've been wondering weather disney had it's stakes in stardoll. Why? Well because I noticed this:

Lets take a closer look:
That my friends is a Disney copyright sign at the bottom of my page.

Another interesting thing connecting Disney to stardoll is this article written in December 2010.

Here is an excerpt from it: "And so to the future of the story. is clearly being grown and groomed into the sort of shape where it will be sold on to the next stage.
      Possible buyers are rumoured and speculated about in the business and trade papers, with the Disney Corporation currently heading the ante-post betting.
      If a sale does take place down the road, Liisa Wrang will get her cut as a shareholder, and she will become a wealthy woman once again.
      She wants to leave this money behind as a nest-egg for her children."

So what are your views? Are we already smack dab in the middle of disneydoll?


  1. It's actually just for a campaign of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. It's part of this game where you need to find the dogs.

  2. Ah, I see, That makes me feel a lot better (:

  3. I found proof that is was a prank!

  4. ^ @Tish

    But stardoll prooved it
    i'm confused
    weather its right or wrong

  5. Thanks for the article ... here I have another article about the creator, so to speak, to stardoll (should only translate it) ... in my opinion, to read both articles, Liisa Wrange wants to retire from this job ... she has spent a lifetime doing it, and she is old enough has been through a lot, and we also see stardoll is enough to keep the budget, and therefore needs assistance from other companies such as Disney, perhaps as a butler, not the owner ... but it is a partnership, I think ..
    this is just my opinion