Monday, January 10, 2011



Finally i judge Dot Make Up Comp, The winner is:


I like very much Silkfur entrie, she did an amazing make up on her doll, she looks so beautifull and fabulous. The winner will receive 135 stardollars as prize.



  1. WHAT?! I'm sorry, I dont wanna be rude or look like a bad loser, but... that was really unfair!
    My name is xJoyGirl (Gabyzoka is another account) and I was one of the participants. There are some serious wrong things here.
    First of all, who is this girl? I dind't see her comment on the DOT Comp post! I even searched for her in the comments, her name, her pic... She didn't write a thing. So, how she was in the comp? THAT is weird.
    And second. I thought this competition would choose the most CREATIVE makeup: "I want to see creative make-ups, use your imagination". Sorry, but... is that a creative make up? It's pretty, but not outstanding at all. Seeing the other participants (including me!) there were many make ups that were way more creative and unusual than this one.
    This is mine...
    I know that, in competitions, it's normal to loose. But I spent too much time doing my make up, and I wish the winner would be like "WOW!": creative and outstanding. And it's a deception that the winner as an OK girl, that didn't even write her name in the comp post.
    I don't know HOW and WHY you chose her, but I'd love to know.
    I don't wanna be rude, I think it's amazing that you make so many comps for the girls. :) Sorry, but I was just dissapointed and mad, Filipinhamaria... :/

  2. I like Gabyzoka's makeover better.

  3. Well... I think like the first girl (a bit)... I Crangs, but I saw them all,and there 4 or 5 guys, who had made a great job! I know,that you could give no one your money (because,it's your opinion) But... i think it's a little bit unfair. I would like be a 'sponsor' for those girls,who were the most creative. So I would give them gifts ;D I will check them all,and could you write,that I'm gonna give them presents?
    xxx Roxxas ♥

  4. Here are these guys;
    Would you?
    xxx Roxxas ♥

  5. I agree! There should be a poll up or something. I thought we were supposed to be creative. Use jewelry and our imagination? The winner did a great job but anyone could have done that. Where is the creative side of this? I hate to sound like a bad loser but people worked so hard on this competition and I feel we were cheated.

    Well congrats to the winner anyway!

  6. Also, my name is Princesspea105, thank you to Roxxas for mentioning my entry.

    Here it is:

    I'm very disappointed that there weren't finalists and a poll. But there will be other competitions!

  7. It's xJoyGirl again. Was me the ONLY ONE to notice that this girl (Silkfur) didn't write ANY comment on the Dot Competition post? How was she in the contest then? I'd love to know that and why did u choose her, Filipinhamaria...

  8. I think her entry might have been sent personally to Filiphiamaria or on the VIPDOLLS club post. Not sure.

  9. Ohh yes, i like gabyzoka's makeover better than the first one !! It is so normal !! I don't even feel that she put makeup !! it's really unfair she's right !

  10. well i tyhink mine is more creative than the winner .. .. look ? uhrrr

  11. First i want to say, this is my blog and from Joanne, i create all da comps n sponsor the prizes.I do the comps to give the opportunity to people win prizes and i choose da winners. I did like this entry,so what is the problem, i dont have to give any explainations about my choices. I decided to spk to explain how things are so people know how i choose da winners on my comps.
    THis entry is on da topic i made on my club VIP-DOLLS so if anybody wants to check go to da club n look.
    I choose the winner always that i think is best, sometimes people have other opinion and i acept tht coz everyone has da freedom to have their own opinions so do i. I try to be fair n i do lot of comps to give da chance to everyone win. I also know tht is imposible to everyone agree of da choice of the winner bc we all r diferent n some like n others dont. On this comp i like her entry coz was creative but also simple, some entrys look weird in my opinion n i didnt like. I dont put polls bc they are unfair people ask their friends to vote and to avoid that i dont use polls.
    There will be mor comps soon to join n win gud prizes so be patience coz maybe next time som of u tht r complain can win.