Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cleopatra Makeup

Ancient Egyptians weren’t shy about makeup. Cleopatra Queen of the Nile led the pack with her impossibly ornate eyes, which Angelina Jolie revives in the movie Cleopatra. Cleopatra, a master manipulator and temptress used her eyes as weapons of mass seduction .Modern celebs like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox follow her lead by using makeup to create sexy cat shaped eyes.

Why not have Cleopatra Style makeup on stardoll?!
Its very easy as well!

So in this make-up style t
he thing is to make your eyes stand out! How to achieve this?
With black eyeliner and different color eyeshadow. Use colors matching your eye colors.
Example, the me-doll on the picture has green eyes, So we use different shades of green, And because green reminds me of earth, i put some warm earth colors, like brown and orangeish-yellow.

Here's a tutorial on how to
do blue eye cleopatra makeup.
The description below can be used to match any other eye color.

(Click image for better size and quality)

Step One. As we said, we must use black eyeliner so we can do the cat eye makeup. Apply it on the top eye-lid, and make sure you do the long winged eye-line.
Step Two. Apply white eyeliner on the lower eye-lid. Try not to mess up the black wing.
Step Three. Follow the white eyeliner with a white eye-pencil to make it thicker and a little bit blurrier.
Step Four. Add a darker shade of eyeshadow matching your eye color by following the black winged eye line.
Step five. Add a lighter shade of color matching your eye color above the dark shade and under the eye.
Step six. Apply volume mascara in a matching color.
Step seven. Apply white lengthening mascara.
Step Eight. Apply some neutral blush.
Step Nine. Put some lipstick of choice. Make sure it hasn't got alot of contrast, cause we want the eyes to stand out, not the lips. Make it as natural as possible.
Step Ten. Apply lip-gloss if you want.

If you like my make-up tutorials, please ask for more in a comment, thankyou.

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