Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello everyone i come back from my holidays and now i have time to my 2 blogs:



I decided that we should have at least every 10 days a new comp on both blogs, these all comps will have 135 stardollars prizes and non superstars will win Superstar MemberShip on Stardoll.

Sometimes there will be also comps with a bigger prizes that i will announce, i thought on 400 stardollars and 8 weeks of Superstar MemberShip for non supertars to begin.

During our school holidays i will have even more comps because you all have more time to join our comps, this means 2 or more comps in each blog on the same week. I love Christimas so im already plan someting for our Christimas holidays.

I have a lot of ideas to do many interesting comps to our followers, to be in our comps you must be followers of both blogs in case if you want to have more chances to win a big prize.
Of course you can be on just a follower on 1 of my blogs but if you do join on both blogs you will have 6 comps every month and also a Raffle Winner in both blogs that means 8 opportunitys to be a a winner, you just need to join. In 1 year we will do more than 100 comps for sure.

On this post i also like to ask if any of the followers have ideas for comps that they will like to see in my blogs, you can write on the coments, if i choose or Joanne a comp you will have credit when we do the comp post.

My opinion is that it's better to have comps like this instead of have small comps with 10 stardollars as prize because in 2 days on Stardoll you win 10 stardollars very easy and with 135 stardollars or when i do comps with big prizes you can do a lot of things and choose what to do with the your stardollars that you win as prize.

I do comps already sometime ago in my Club VIP-DOLLS on Stardoll and with all these new comps i want to help people that can't afford to be superstar or superstars that will be happy to have some extra stardollars to spent in what they want. Sometimes Stardoll is boring and with our comps you will have fun and if you win we will promote you. Every winner will have a post with a link to their suites and a interview.

I hope that our followers like these changes, i will do my best always and count with your sugestions.

So now i ask, are you ready?

Are you excited with all these comps?

Will you join?


  1. YES YES I am! Thanks Filipa :D I cant wait! I have an idea: if you look under my label then you will see that I did a segment for look-like maybe you could do a competition with the theme: (i.e.) Miley Cyrus and then everybody has to be best dressed to her! And then the one most matching(also with hair) will win!

  2. This is amazing!
    It's very nice and generous of you. (:
    For sure i wil join! (:

  3. filipa is really the most generous and kind girl in stardoll,
    you deserve to be CG everyday!
    thanks filipa for everything :)

  4. Thanks Joanne u r amazing too im laugh n smile coz of wht u said, we r da future n will change Stardoll n peoples lifes 4 better.

  5. yes! We are ready and we just can't wait!! :D We'll join ofcourse. (:
    Thankyou Filipa & Joanne! You are both the most awesome people on stardoll!

  6. @joanne1305 yes, she really is. She just got me my membership that I won, and well to do something like that about every 10 days?! Wow! You are generous! and filipa, you are amazing!

  7. @filipa i always join the comps of VIP-DOLLS but i never win XD lol
    i love the comps and i join always :D

  8. sounds great!! [: this is so amazing and generous!

  9. That's really awesome.These two blogs have the most comps,I think.