Sunday, September 5, 2010

Help Me

Hey Guys..Can you please Write in Your Presentations to vote meh Covergirl..I Promise Their will be Prizes to all who will vote meh cg...Making meh CG means making my Dream come true after years..I had an account with 5334 starpoints , but it got hacked :'( ..I made a new account : xx-angelkate-xx ...After that i remmember one account..Farina911 Now Farina911 is my main account...Hope you Please Help.. :*}Thanks..(also if u didnt want to)xoxo,Farina911

1: 50 Stardollars , and will also Help win CG!
2: 30 Stardollars
3: 10 Stardollars
4&&5 Places : A SS Gift

Oh && Please Write in Here,Or in MY GB That You Voted..You Can Also Use Any Other Accounts You Want...