Friday, September 3, 2010


hi , it still just a week for ramadan and now Muslims go to worship all the day because it is the last week and there is one best day called " lilat kadr " everything you want be come true ! we don't know exactly when but rasoul lah said it's in the last week of ramadan ,... " sorry it is difficult to explain in English "
i don't wanna ramadan finish :,( but this is life

anyway !! if you want win a Cleopatra dress just go :


- enter to the contest

- it's all

PS : i will not online these days a lot so i will not posting sorry !
and happy ramadan :)

xoxo selena.g.65


  1. Aww. I hope everyones been havin a lovely Ramadan! =]

  2. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Ramadan... I don't celebrate it so I don't know much about it. AND I was wondering if Joanne knows when the August Best Real Talent contest winner will be announced! :)

  3. @maya thank you so much !! yeah @joanne1305 we born waiting !^_^

  4. what you want be come true if you make efforts.There is a little annoying, that doll uses hijab but wear clothes sleeveless. A good Muslim must cover her body, except hands, face and legs (actually, for all Muslims).

  5. happy ramadan :) and i am so sad it will finish :(

  6. im sorry for all of my fault :) im too late because my modem is not working for 1 week, so im very very late, sorry