Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to make non-superstar stairs (Trick no. 6)

Hi, everyone. I loved Priyankastar's posts so much, that I thought I'd make em' too. I just recently saw an amazing trick you can do to make non-superstar stairs. This trick is probably the priciest of them all, but its worth it :)

What you need:

Varied amount :)

Twice the amount of black boxes + 2 extra

What you do:

1) Line up the boxes to form a stair-looking shape
(TIP: Make the boxes smaller as the steps go higher)

2) Put the lights on the sides of the boxes 
(Again, make the lights smaller the the higher the steps go)

3) Put 2 last lights lined up with the other lights 

And your done! 


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  2. joanne took me bcus she liked my suite ideas..bcus it was unique...but now sum writers r posting tricks too...i mean m happy that u guys r doin it...but no 1ever thought of it before ..u guys wanted fashion...nd nw u guys copy my idea of posting tricks ...m nt happy..i mean you could hve asked me to post ya idea with your name...i would never say no...
    m vry upset..thought i kw we writers didnt hve themes but still idea was a unique theme.. :(..srry lovegossip4life i dnt mean to b mean...4give me!..i just wanted to say what i felt :(

  3. This is so cool! even for ss it's awesome [:

  4. Priyankastar* Hey, dear. I am truly sorry that I didn't come to you first, but when I saw a-like one of these stairs, I just wanted to post it :) Anyways, of course I forgive you, thank you for being honest :-)

  5. Great tip :DD
    I loveyour tips..
    I'm waiting for moree :]

  6. lovegossip4life-its ok...i guess i got n idea after this happened..i will make a weekly post beside my tricks.askin ple nd other writers if they hve ny ideas for suite deco nd if dey want to share it...i will select few every week..nd give credit to them when i post the trick...showin der medoll..i will tell joanne about it...m srry once again ..if u found me mean or selfish..but i hope u your idea is gud 2...will take ideas from u too..givin u credit ok.. :) plzz next time u hve n idea tell me.. :)

  7. That is too cute (:

    You are very creative at these of things lol