Monday, September 6, 2010


slash !! i don't like this game !! i'm so scar :'( i don't like what stardoll did , this web for fashion not for MORTAL or WOLFS
if we want that we can go to these webs but we want fashion
i will not buy clothes or join contests of this stupid idea
who is with me ?
when i saw this game i though it isn't stardoll but really it is :(
xoxo selena.g.65


  1. I'm scared too!!! But I hope that we get free stuff!!

  2. wow, we should do something against this!

    please follow:! if you want to be a writer or graphic designer please contact me on stardoll!

  3. @pallie.25 look what i found in your blog
    it is my own :O pic 100% made by me and i picture it in my penthouse go and see :O