Saturday, September 11, 2010

lost money :( :)

hello !!
i will just say i lost 140 stardollars yesterday

in 28 broadcast for saying visit


like i promised you :D

140 stardollars for the COUTURE TRIBUTE

but i choose send broadcast

will you like that owners :3

xoxo selena.g.65

PS: when the voting finish ?


  1. aw, thanks selena for the effort and the sd you spent in broadcast... filipa is still on vacation and will be back this week, i have already the winners in the raffle and some judges already submitted the winners of the real talent and graphic comp.

  2. you're welcome joanne1305 :) okay but i will on school :(

  3. @joanne1305 filipimaria is online at stardoll and she post in her blog :O so she come back ?

  4. @selena.g.65 yes but she never does anything
    @joanne1305 I won a raffle at thefashionablestardoll but Filipa hasnt given me my prize for ages!