Sunday, September 12, 2010

where are you writers :O ?? free MCQUEEN ALEXANDER mask

hi ,::/ look what people write in my gestbook
no more news why ?
because i'm busy ?
NO there are many writers
where are you ?? ...
anyway for get a free MCQUEEN ALEXANDER mask

- Go to proxy :

- in the blank Paste stardoll link:

- Click OK

- Log in stardoll

- change the link to :

- Click Go, Wait till contest page loads

- Leave the proxy

i tough someone else gonna post it :S

PS : we have a writer comp in our blog SMWMAGAZINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

xoxo selena.g.65


  1. haha, yea I need to be writing more...

  2. I was away, sorry! and where are the others? A lot of people NEVER write!

  3. @pallie.25 yeah like lozzymonkey she never write because she left stardoll :O