Wednesday, September 8, 2010

all winner from italy ?

hello :D
did callie visited you ?
anyway i found all winners of scenery from Italy ,
the winner of today from Poland so all winners of these 10 days
will be from Poland XD
there is some spoilers of MORTALE KISS i hate this game
i hope you like it

PS : WHEN THE VOTE CLOSE FOR WINNERS IN THE BEST REAL TALENT ?? please hurry because it's time for school and we don't gonna online a lot :S

xoxo selena.g.65


  1. me too i hate it me too it's not funny and she's not talk about clothes or fashion or somethink like that!!!

  2. no she hasnt visited me :( only weirdly I have a lot of ppl visitng me all the time so ya, she might be down below