Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Christian Dior Couture Tribute

do you like the new shop Couture Tribute ?
i found some real clothes of Couture Tribute Christian Dior
and special thanks to filipinhamaria because when i saw the dresses i remember the comp of her club VIP-DOLLS but i didn't win XD
anyway it so expensive :o
what do you think ?
i like the long dress you ?
hope you like it :)
xx selena.g.65


  1. Oh My Gosh! To give 75$ for a dress??? I don't understand! Stardoll was unfair to non-SS members by giving almost everything to SS; but now it's even unfair tO SS members! There is no dress under 30-40$! I mean really.. o.O

  2. @anjaangel yeah but it's Christian Dior it so expensive in real life too

  3. Wow... Funky! :p

    I totally agree with AnjaAngel! Hehee

    Please if you can follow my blog, boutiquestardoll.blogspot.com

  4. please follow my blog: stardollforearth.blogspot.com

    thanks :D

    and ya, they shouldnt make it soooo expensive!

  5. Aww I really like this shop, and somehow they worth the price. ^^ ~
    I guess I'll buy them all. ~

  6. I love it. o.o
    But of course it is expensive. D=