Friday, March 18, 2011

Sakis Rouvas doll

Hey guys. Nina here! I was gone, but honestly, I haven't log in Stardoll for like a week
Anyway, here are **BUG NEWS**
Stardoll added Sakis Rouvas doll!! Wohoo, I can't belive it, I was asking them to add that doll for like 5 months
Thanks SD :)
Informations are from me, not from Wikipedia
His name is Anastasios ''Sakis'' Rouvas. He was born on January 5th. He is most popular male singer in Europe ( at least one of them). He is from Greece. He has his own fashion line. He was at Eurovision song contest twice. First time was 2004, with 'Shake it' song, and he got ranked 3rd. Next time was 2009, with song 'This is our night', he got ranked 7th. He has daughter, Anastasia
Want to find more about him? Click here

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