Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Free Lavabo and new Hannah Montana Forever doll

Hi Fabulous readers!! i know there is a while i didn't write for a long time!!
So i come today with Interesting Today news
When i was searching Hannah Montana's name in doll dressups i saw Hannah Montana Forever Doll here is a picture of:
Click on Picture to Enlarge
Here is the link of the Doll is Availabe for SS and Non-SS
Hannah is Fabulous!!!
And like every week polish contests didn't forget to give us our freebies and this time there is a chic Lavabo you can use it for Kitchen suite
here is how to do:
If your are from poland just go Here and enter the contest
If you're not:
1° Go to a Polish proxy website:
2° Copy that link and past it in Proxy Website link Box:
Then change View by Finish
So are you getting the lavabo? will you dress-up Hannah Montana new doll?
Tell us in comments :)
with my love....xoxo Hanae785

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