Saturday, March 5, 2011

L.E. 2

Hello !
Do You Remember my last post ?
it was about L.E.
Well almost like the first dress
so i decided to design it in stardoll and in real life here :

Stardoll :

Real Life :

So If you wish this outfit in the next collection of L.E. like

xx selena.g.65


  1. I think this is a waste of a post. You're only advertising your work.

  2. I think so to.
    What about LE? -.-

  3. Do you think that ? i worked hard on it :/ ...
    L.E. is coming Monday

  4. Yeah mybe it is monday
    but it is soon

  5. I think is a great work and not a advertisting!! and also advertising for what? is a great work doing by a talented girl who wanna show us the imagination she have!! you really hurt people's feelings she's hardworking to give you amazing post and you just think a waste of a post!!
    The dress and the post are great selena!! go ahead with your creation!! hope L.E be on monday and hope we have a super pretty dress like yours

  6. Thankies Hanae for your comment =)
    and i really didn't care about what Wooldoor said ...

  7. then why advertising ? i designed this specially because people liked it in the last post ...