Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Green Hair Coloring and New Game, and Glitch?

Hi readers!
I believe there is a lack of commenting, don't you agree?
Are you having spring break next week? I can't wait for spring... its in 3 days!
Anyways, I found a few new things in stardoll that not many have noticed or bothered to post.

To get free green hair coloring, join the Ireland Forever! contest on stardoll, or by simply clicking HERE.

Now, change the link on the URL adress bar and change the highlighted from:
and you'll find the green hair color in your beauty parlor.
HURRY UP! Contest ends soon!

Also, stardoll has reccently released a new game, PRIMP MY PET.
Its a very cute game where you can decorate horses, cats, and dogs in different breeds, color and patterns!

What do you think of this?
You can also play it below, as I collected the HTML code for it :D

Also, as I was doing my daily starpointing, I came across Beastly Alex Pettyfer, and when I was dressing him up all nice (☺) I found this:

His hair can come off? Wow, now you can dress up bald dolls :P

Please comment, I worked hard to get you the latest stardoll news!

1 comment:

  1. I love the pet game! Thanks for pasting the link! And wow where did you get the Beastly drees up doll? I didn't find it :( And thanks for posting the St. Patty's day hair color, It's really cute :) Sorry I didn't post earlier! And hey, I answered the poll :)