Saturday, March 19, 2011

Club TIP!

Hey Readers :)

Today I want to tell you something that really helps me. Of course everyone wants an active club right?

Well here is how to get a few members joining by the power of broadcasting (and not paying for ss!!!)

So Here is what you do!

1. Make a new account
2. Make it join your club
3. Make it manager
4. On the 3rd day  you will be granted a day of ss by stardoll
5. Send broadcasts with that new doll for the club!

If you think this wont work, look at the difference.

At start my club had 6 members.

Now it has:

Cool huh?

Why dont you try it out?

Pallie xoxo
THANKS TO and coolgirl185


  1. I wrote it on the stardoll insiders training blog a few weeks ago

  2. What exactlly ddi you say in the post ?

  3. @coolgirl185 then it might be that blog :) I will write in the post ok?

    @stardollzvogue do you mean the broadcast? I guess just "join join join" I varied it ;)