Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today im back with the glitch?

It is where your medoll gets pushed into a corner (not in the middle)


That is how it looks like.

This is what it is supposed to look like...
I guess it happened to all people that changed their medoll in medoll editor.

To see if the glitch had changed I changed my hair and saved again.

 That is what it made. Nothing? This nothing then turned into a "?" dont you hate it when that happens?

Now the thing is- is this a glitch? Or supposed to be?

I hope it isnt, because its not the best :P

Pallie xoox

Please comment! It feels like there are no readers ;(


  1. Hey of yourse you have many reader :) but they don't take the time to write a comment....

    I saw it to and I hope it's a glitch... But every day more dolls aren't in the middle of their picture.. I don't now why!

  2. I guess stardoll has a bad team like said on medoll memoires.blogspot.com ;)

    This is such a bad glitch :D