Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Hidden' Epiphany Ring

Hi readers!
I'm really sorry for not posting for some time, I almost forgot I was a writer here :P
Anyways, I never thought that it was both suite and beauty parlor items... did you?
Reccently I saw Dapao wearing an unusal ring, I looked at the label, and of course, it said 'Epiphany'
Did you know this?
I quickly searched the Epiphany store, and there it was, basically hidden, yes, its very hard to see, but, here let me show you :)

Can you see it?
Alright, I'll give you a hint.

Okay, NOW you should able to see it :D
It is that little blue dot like thing... now you can click it, and now, the dressing room should appear.
Nope, its not a beauty parlor item!
I'm very excited I found this, it probably will become a stardoll rare, because of it being so hard to find.


  1. Well its not going to be a rare now that yo've posted it.. But thanks for pointing it out. I honestly appreciate it (:

  2. i saw this ring on one girl but when i went to the shop i didn`t saw it thanks for telling :)