Wednesday, December 22, 2010

World :)

 I know this doesn't have anything to do with stardoll but i think it will be intresting

I was looking at few blogs and blablabla...
Anyway i got an idea
I think most of us don't really have clue about other languanges ( not including one they are learining in school)
So why don't you write few words in your languange and translate them into English ?
Ok so i will start
Cao ( speak Ciao), Zdravo - Hello
Kako si? - How are you?
Sta radis? - What are you doing?
macka-cat, pas-dog, ptica-bird, sestra-sister, brat-brother
deda-granpa, baba ( baka) -granny
zvezda-star, lice-face, knjiga-book

Well,that is it for now. If anyone want to know more about Serbian ask me :)


  1. I speak Creole...

    lèd- ugly
    bèl- pretty,handsome
    janti- nice, kind
    move- mean
    fen- thin

    I did opposites. (:

  2. Spanish
    Hello: Hola
    Good: Bien
    I love you: Te amo
    Good night: Buenas noches
    How R you?: ¿Cómo estás?
    Yes/No: Sí/No
    Yes, please/No, thank you: Sí, por favor/No, gracias
    Please: Por favor
    Thank you: Gracias