Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tutorial here

****Dang,i so messed it up.Text was all over the blog;Sorry >:( I deleted borders and here are few examples because HTML code with huge text didn't work

Remember while ago when i asked about presenation tutorial ?

So here it is:

Use OpenOffice or Microsoft Word ( 2003,2007...)

(This is from OpenOffice)
You see those buttons?
Last if for backgrounds :)
Click on it and choose color
Drag it itno your Stardoll presenation 
And that is how you do backgrounds :)

Hey  :)

 Here are few shadows


And here are codes

yellow backround ; 

lime green backround ; 

light blue backround ;

purple backround ;

pink backround ;

black backround ;  make a dashed
Blue Shadows =  
Red Shadows = 
green Shadows = 
Orange Shadows = 
Yellow Shadows = 
Pink Shadows 
black shadows = 
Purple Shadows 

(Got from Internet) 
If you need more,ask

[ Sorry for not having much pictures,i made a tutorial,but i don't know why i can't upolad it ]


  1. lmao, we can't see any codes and the text is all over the blog.

  2. yes, i know... its weird... maybe put them in separate posts!!?

  3. I don't mind a few errors, this is still very helpful and I appreciate it. Thank you! (:

  4. i dont get the things with the codes... and where do you put them?

  5. Awesome, thank you :D
    I've been wondering how to do these myself because I'm not a very big fan of letting people onto my account :/

  6. Thank you so much! For the pres & for the program similar to microsoft (: Soorry if I posted late, I was trying it, I haven't tried the shadows, but if I'm able to use them, thanks.xx

  7. No probelm :)
    Since Pallie said in my GB that she can't put these shadows into presenation
    i think i am going to make a video