Friday, December 24, 2010

A thought into Christmas...

Yes, tonight is the big night where you and your family watch the best Christmas movies, sit by the fireplace, and drink hot coco. You can't wait to find what might come your way in the morning, under the tree, and in your stockings. You think it's all about you, and you don't think about one other person.

Today, before Christmas day, I thought to put up a reminder not to think about yourself.

There is other people out there-- many whom do not have houses to be protected under, and many who struggle to find extra change to buy a present, but in reality, can't afford. You should be more than thankful for what your family has, because you are very lucky.

On the morning of Christmas, instead of opening presents first, maybe go through your food in your pantry, and see what you don't really want for food, and stack it up, and when your parents come into the kitchen, let them know you want to donate it to a shelter, or a place where people who don't have that money, can get what they need. It feels absolutely stunning to give. People are very blessed when they see that you care.

It also might be nice to make some breakfast for the people in your life. Its nice to give to the people who you care about as well. It feels extraordinary to give.

Now, find old toys that you or your siblings don't use, and put them in a box, to bring to hospitals where children have to spend there day in bed for Christmas, with probably little or no family. Don't forget to give to them sometime that day. It feels amazing to give.

Don't forget stardoll too! Wish all your friends a Merry Christmas, even give them a little gift, to let them know that you care. Remember, not all people celebrate Christmas, though. It feels right when you give.

All through that day, think of other ways to give. Don't stand there, do it. 



  1. Aww That is very sweet :) Have a merry Christmas. ANd do you know what I am asking for X-mas?? Peace, No Hunger, A Happy World and No Violence :) Hope that wish comes true. Merry X-mas to all!!

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks reminding me sending gifts. (: