Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Writer

New Writer
Hello everybody i'm Hanae a girl that always want to be a writer in a very amazing blogs like TFS and TSS!! i wanna give a big thanks to Filipinhamaria to make that dream true!!
I'm a morrocan girl who always want to be creative in everything she does!! i like styling and drawing also i try to have experience in everything! i'm on stardoll to enjoying my time with friends and decoration and stylishing! believe or not stardoll is the place that i have find on it my personality and my own style! Stardoll is just a fantastic place !!
And now i'm a writer here so i will do my best to keep those amazing blogs always in the top!! i will post about everything real versions of clothes,spoilers,free things and new stores on stardoll. i will post also about differences types to learn starpoints and Stardoll Macke-up tips!!
Please if you want that i post in any stardoll intersting subject tell me to do an active topic and have comments!!
Hope that you like my coming posts!!
With my love...xoxohanae785


  1. Welcome to the crew :)
    P.S. love the banner!

  2. Thanks sweety :)
    and here is the banner that i do it for you!! hope you like it ^^

    liknk: http://i54.tinypic.com/o06o9u.jpg

  3. thanks I love it! I will send you a gb comment though :D