Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowfall, and buttons!

Hey guys!

Well guess what!

A lot of people wished for the snowfall item to return to the suite shop... and its BACK!!!

Now thats something positive right?

Here it is:

do you like it?

And apparently stardoll has changed the buttons for new mail, or guestbook AGAIN!
Here they are:

Do you like them??

Pallie xoxoxoxoxo


  1. I don't really like this new change :/
    I just think Stardoll should stick to the way it is, I hate how they're changing things and then I get used to them but then they change it again

  2. ya true... but still, Stardoll wants to make it better, come one. Compared to the first stardoll= 100 times better!!

  3. I prefered the icons bfore, & the message icon notification has like an issue, cuz it stays the same, no matter how many times I check all the tabs of my messages -.- OH! & I'm gonna check out in the suite shop for the snow, thanks for the update.xx

  4. ive been searchin for the snowfall but i can only find really exspensivem ones so if soemone wants to sell me one cheapish tell me in my guest book my user is emmabean346