Tuesday, December 7, 2010


here are SELENA.G.65 and SUPER_EMA
we're sure you heard about the MAFIA HACKERS ,
so we decide to make posts talking about them

they hack every famous doll like :
1st:vpurple = hacked
2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 = hacked
3rd= jess-lolly=hacked
4th=poohg1993= going to be hacked
5th=fashionngirl.=going to be hacked
6th=emorox4eva=going to be hacked
7th=Miss_LolitaF=going to get hacked
8th=keira-v=is going to get deleted
9th=shakira-avril=going to get hacked
maybe i'm the next :O

so to protect your self do not visit any other blog you didn't visit it before
and close your GB too

More news when we know something else

selena.g.65 & super _ema


  1. And change your medoll do not make it too glamorous. Make it worthless, Hide LE RARES MKA DKNY! We don't want to provocate them! Ok?

  2. Hey! I'm in the hacking list too!!! I'm going to be hacked TODAY!!!!! WTS!

  3. heyy.how do you know who 'll get hacked?.:OO

  4. i think :( we just telling people about this problems of today :s you have to be careful

  5. @ shiny
    we visited the hackers
    and all others blogs talk about them ;)

  6. Yeahh and they leave me a comment in my GB that they will maybe hack me !

  7. Just be careful, follow their tips...don't over react because Stardoll is protected by McAfee & if you have a great security in your laptop/computer there is no way you're getting hacked without any communication with the hackers (messages, friend request, trading..)

  8. it's sad how people spend there time hacking KNOWING that they can make an account and BUY a stardoll card :/ you spend less time doing that
    I hope they realized there's no point and is not in the spirit of Christmas, they don't hack you, so why should they. It's pretty sad that some people have no knowledge in there noggin, Their wasting there life if they keep it up, there is more important stuff to do than ruin others account for fun, if your related to the hacker, then it's a different story :/ When someone says there going to hack me, i just change my pass frequently and try to talk to them, find out what there problem is, besides, there should be a reason why she's going to hack someone popular :/

  9. they're very clever and they can hack easily any account without password ! I think that they do that with a kind of software !! The first time i hear that i thought it was just a joke but in reality they really do it !! (eg: jen-is-me has been hacked and deleted !)

  10. They are mean girls that don`t have a own life if wanna make unhappy others :) we need to be carefull, I`m not a superstar but I don`t like that nobody hack my account cuz I really spent a lot of time with my doll and I meet amazing people

  11. SCARY! But how do you know they are GONNA be hacked? Scary! Im gonna make an account for people to know about hackers. Why are they called Italian Mafia?? What do they do?
    Personally, I think they are just so stupid. They want stuff, for themselves, thats why they hack. Sometimes they actually spend MONEY on buying ss! OMG! Why dont they do that to their OWN doll? i mean then they could buy anything! (and waste money on themselves!!!)

    And yes @super_ema, hide your rares if you've got them. DONT LET ANYONE (unless you have their private(or specifically for stardoll) email, because if the hackers are on the account they will hack you that way as well!) give you SUITE MAKEOVERS! (or any other!!) Be careful! Im sure everyone on these kind of blogs will try and help you out with this!