Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Make-Up tips and Most creative reader of the week

Hi sweet reders!! like i said on the weekend i will post a Make-up tip and annonce the nam of the most creative reader of the week
Cause Valentine's Day is comming i decided to give you some Make-Up tips for that occasion to be on the top!!! so here is it Inspired by Scarlett Johanson Dolce&Gabanna Make-up
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Scarlett Johanson has an attractive beauty specially on her Lips pommping perfectly
So i tried to do the same thing with my medoll i search for a pommping lips then i start Making her Shiny!!
on the Make-up on the top i try to put different graduations of Brown
I puted light then dark a little and up by graduations then i put a black eye shadow in the left and the right of the eyes!!!
For the lips i mix a hot Pink shiny Lipstic then a red lipstick to give a sherry effect
the i put bruch and taraa!! with a short hair that will be more valentiny!!
For the second the Make-up i puted a Hot pink eye shadow then a white one to give a lighty sense then i put a browny pink in the top of the eye and a black eye shadow
in the left and the right of the eye and in the end i put turkoise color in eyes points
in the Lips i mixed three colors: Hot Pink, Red and finally light pink
then i put the bruch and i tried to be a little light
and taraa!! with the same hair
Congrats to her!!
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With my love xoxo Hanae785

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