Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stardoll to real

Hello. I will post now more often things from Stardoll , but in real verisions of them because everytime I want to post something, someone already did that , so I am gonna post Stardoll to real;;
Today I was looking over Google and I saw it- Marc Jacobs heart clutch 
Soo cute :) Anyway, I was thinking about it because I saw it on few users pages, 
it was LE.  So I went to .Marcela..'s blog about LE stuffs and HBs.
I saw something similiar to this bag, so I knew that was bag from 
LE, 2nd season. Check it out :) It is so cute
What do you think?


Stardoll verision;;
Picture thank to Stardoll's Most Wanted

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