Sunday, February 20, 2011

Limited Edition SPRING story

Hello sweetest readers!! Today We decide to give you a complete post about L.E and rare items of celebrating the coming of the new Collection that we hope to be Wonderful!!
Hanae785 with Selena.g.65
We're waiting now for spring collection so let's take a look about the past one!
This collection was one of the most buyed collections of L.E
The most epensive item was 225SD and the chepest one was 35SD

At our opinion that wasn't the great one but it was one of the most beautiful :)
And now let's look at the first SPRING collection wih was great!!
The collection was Expensive right but it was "AMAZING"!

The highest prie was 275SD and lower was 35SD

We loved all the collections exept the first one and you ? do you like them
xoxo Selena.g.65 & Hanae785


  1. The fifth et the seventh collection are the best according to me =)
    But I hadn't the opportunity to buy these article =(

  2. Caan't wait !!! I'm so excited ^^ hoping that this time there will be very beautiful clothes and accessories :D