Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Way to go stardoll :)

Hey guys! Long time no post! - I've been busy with my other blogs :P
(I apologize for my banner, It's a base, because I havn't gotten around to making an official one for me for this blog :P)
Yesterday stardoll released a Stacy Ferguson doll! Im a little unsure why they released it, because normally they publish dolls relating to world gossip topics? But concidering that, It's one of the best doll-graphics I've seen on stardoll, by far my FAVOURITE.

Her face is a perfect replica :) Congratualtions stardoll!

I was also looking at the best dressed today? For once, all three winners have amazing style, very diverse - but all equally stunning!! :)

:) Byeee! Lozzy x (LozzyMonkey) -


  1. wow that's an accomplishment for the catwalk, most of the time the winners are really bad...