Friday, June 25, 2010

New Author: LozzyMonkey

Hey guys, I'm Lozzymonkey, I'm here to bring you what you WANT from the blog, Like Latest songs on the music play list, to be honest - I'm not into piano either ;l, We need to sort it out!
I've also been assigned to let you all know of the latest gossip!
Want to know about me? :) Well, this is me:
Im 13, Australian and PUNK :D
My doll has over 5000 starpoints, I've been a member since 2008,

With my passion for music (Heavy metal)I think I fit the job like a glove, I rarely have earphones out of my ears. Don't worry, I'm into a variety of music, Techno, Rock Pop, Jazz..
I own a blog called It's been going for 6 months with over 50 followers, no broadcasts for followers, no nothing! :) I'd like to call it successful!
Each Time I post, Please comment below telling me new songs you'd like to hear on the play list,Hope you have a nice day - Dance to your own music, Look out for cars, they can drive over everything... x3


  1. hi Lozzy Monkey,what a cute photo :)

  2. welcome,
    I'm also a new writer [:
    I'll do a post about me soon too [:

  3. Hey.
    You seem pretty awesome.

    Can you add a song to the playlist?
    I request: Mama by My Chemical Romance.

  4. Awesome Doll..
    and Fabulous RL picture...

  5. Cutie :) Awesome picture by the way

  6. You look so pretty. ^^
    Lose It- Atreyu
    Guys like you make us look bad-BlessTheFall
    I really love 'em. ~

  7. hey i think ur a gr8 writer...aww...the pic of u is really nice xoxo

  8. ur medoll is very pretty and also ur real pic is pretty :)

  9. The medoll is punk. I like it because i like to wear black all the time but not all the time!!
    The picture is awesome.. You look very pretty!!

  10. omg your gorgeous!
    music i love rock,aleternative,$creamo:D