Monday, June 28, 2010

Just wanted to say hi...

Hi!!! Ok, done with that.
Im Pallie(just a nickname) and I am a new writer on this cool blog. I will be doing stuff about glitches and free stuff on stardoll. I go on stardoll nearly everyday=my username is Pallie.25!! I am soooo happy to begin here, and as this is my first post- I will tell something else about me.
I am a girl from Germany, Im VERY lively, and normally a happy person.

A lot of you might already know but...I found this glitch some days ago(I made the pictures)....

Normally all the stardoll hair-dyes are for ss right? Right now im NOT a ss. Still... I checked on the popular page in starplaza, and to my suprise I could actually BUY a hair-dye! When I then checked in Doree(after I buyed it) it was exactly the same AND had OWNED and ss next to it!
Check it out