Friday, June 25, 2010

Liajm: new writer


Well as you probably have seen there are a few new writers around here: and I'm one of them! My name is Lia, but I'm liajm on stardoll. You can visit my suite here! I'm 16 and I live in California! I'm currently enjoying an awesome summer so I should have lots of time to write for this lovely blog! I am also a writer for

My favorite thing to do on stardoll is modeling competitions, and I think I've gotten pretty good at making sceneries [: I love stardoll based magazines, and graphics, but have no idea how to make them! Fortunately Joanne has offered to make me a banner and I am very excited to see it! But for now I am using a temporary one that is an example of the lovely sceneries I make [:

I look forward to writing for this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading my work!