Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is this meant to be?

Hey all!
I found this glitch today, maybe it was my computer once again. Is it supposed to be like this? Will it stay like this? Or am I wrong AGAIN?! Post comments on WHY you think its like this. Just go to starplaza, thats where I found it!
Dont forget to join the raffle(I did)!!!!
Good luck to everyone that enters, and congratualtions to the winner(most likely to be me..not)

Pallie :)


  1. I don't understand hehe lol.
    What is the glitch?

  2. Yes it is there on my stardoll as well maybe stardoll if creating a new starplazza

  3. Yes- all comments kind of fit together- is it just supposed to be a style? Maybe we will see a NEW starplaza soon-keep your eyes open!!
    LOL Pallie

  4. Maybe its the change because isnt stardoll doing a makeover