Saturday, November 27, 2010


Before i knew that there will be HB UGGS on Stardoll, i was thinking of making a graphic about them.. I just LOVE uggs! Here's the stardoll version!!
And i gotta say, Its a totally MUST buy HOT buy for me. But the problem is, i haven't got enough money..Oh, well...
Here are the real life versions, and some very fashionable and unique uggs!

Those are Jimmy Choo Uggs which are new this season and very expencive.. The price range is from $595 to $795 (American dollars).
My personal favourite are the brown ones! :D
Do you like the hotbuys uggs?

( Do you like my new banner too?)

Super_ema, xoxo


  1. I really like your new banner :D
    Haha, anyway, onto the topic
    I'm not really a fan of Uggs and these Stardoll ones make them look even worse :/

  2. I liek your new banner
    in RL I don`t like Uggs,but I love this one on stardoll ;D

  3. I Love UGGS i have my own in real life and i am so obsessed with them they are so pretty and comfortable and so soft!!! :) i would do anything i my UGGS got ruined!!!!!!!!