Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I dont have the interior!

I have noticed this for quite some time now, but its kind of annoying.
I dont have the interior from the opera house! Why? (i dunno?)

does someone know a way for me getting it?



  1. Me too, i have loggen in EVERYDAY for the Opera Mystery gifts but i noticed that i don't have it the Last day that the Opera Mystery eind.

  2. U don't have the interior because u don't open every opera mistery gifts...

  3. oohhh... thats sad :( well i guess that its my fault, but still I got every other gift of the day. I deserve that one as well!

  4. aww... I didn't get it either :(

  5. did u open log in to stardoll and OPEN THE OPERA MYSTERY GIFT everyday? if i did u should have it or will have it in some days if not contact stardoll and if u didnt log in everyday and open the OPERA MYSTERY GIFT then u just wont have it