Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Dove Duffle Bag

If you live in the United States, CLICK HERE and join the dove club.
Otherwise, you will need to set up a manual proxy.
There are many options for manual proxies, one of them is:  port 8080

Remember: before, clear all history before setting up the proxy, you can do this by pressing all three buttons on your keyboard: ctrl, shift, delete.  Select all boxes, and hit OK.

To set it up using:
Go under tools>internet options>connections>lan settings
now, check the box: USE A PROXY SERVER FOR YOUR LAN
and fill in the adress of, and the port of 8080
Click OK.

For Firefox users, 
go under tools>options>advanced>network>settings
and under HTTP PROXY fill in the first box and the port of 8080
Click OK.

 After putting in the proxy information, and clicking OK, now go to the site of, and log in. After you have logged in, put this link in the adress bar:
Join the club, and log out. Go back to your proxy information, and check the box again that opens a proxy. This will discontinue the use of the manual proxy.

Others you can use are: port 808 port 80 port 80 port 80

Now, go back to your regular server, and log in, and the item should be in your suite! 
Hope you enjoy your Dove Bag!

*Credit to Underneath Stardoll posted by karenfromohio

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