Monday, November 1, 2010

just-for-fun comp!

here is a Just-for-fun comp!

So im not giving any prizes..... BUT its for the fun of it!

So this is the Pick of the day:
It is a dress from folk.

For ss you can either do it in starplaza or on your medoll in your suite.
For non ss you can just do it in Starplaza.

Please make the picture a tinypic or a photobucket or something.

Make it as creative as you can!
Add different kind of clothes, but make sure you can still see the pick of the day!!
Add make-up and jewelry!

Have fun!

Pallie xoxo

P.S. If this gets popular, and i get ss, this might get prizes! 

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    Hope you like :)

    I was thinking of Justin bieber when i did this :/