Monday, May 2, 2011

Here comes the bride.... AMAZING STARDOLL SUITE!

Hey! Do any of you remember me :O haha, yeah, I haven't posted lately on TSS, so I decided to come back now, so I can continue to post for all you lovely followers ;)
I have a cold too, so I probably won't do much except finding myself going on sd, and I might just post a bit more often ;)

When I saw this lovely stardoll suite, I was instantly in love with it!
I decided to feature ebonymeme for her spectacular suite, and amazing creativity!
Take a look:

(I absolutly adored the carriage, that is why I decided to name the post 'here comes the bride' as it reminded me of the royal wedding carriage ;)

Those are just a few, check out the whole suite HERE!
P.S. if you think you've got an amazing suite, and like me to check it out, and possibly feature it on TSS, comment below!


  1. Omg thank you so much for featuring me!!
    And btw, I love this blogs layout it's amazing!!

  2. *0*
    It's Ebony!
    She has the most amazing suite XD

  3. Please look at mine, I may not be one of those "Elite" Girls but I put a lot of effort into my suite :) xx