Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello everyone i need a Graphic Designer for my blogs, if you work well in Photoshop write on comments. You must write your Stardoll name so we speak. I need someone that has experience and has imagination. This person will be pay for the work. For more informations contact me also on Stardoll.


  1. I am a graphic designer and now I making a magazine for stardoll with models !!my stardoll name is elisavetdella

  2. hey:) well, i'm not really a graphic designer, but i know how to use photoshop... if you wanna see my designs and banners, just go to my blog:

    stardoll name:MsAshleyX

  3. I'm a graphic designer in a new magazine owned by Chloe-99, Idol Magazine. Contact me, chai_bbs in Stardoll if you're interested!

  4. I am a pretty good graphic designer, visit my blog so you can see what i can do ;) I will add more soon on my new blog
    anyways, you can contact me at LoveGossip4life ;)

  5. I made some graphic design, but I don't guaranted you that my work is great. I just started drawing on computer (photoshop) so I'm just a beginner... But you can always take a look at my blog and tell me if you interested


    Thank you ;)

  6. I'm a graphic designer,if your interested:) i have some graphic samples at my blog,

  7. Hello!

    My name is Laura and I doing graphics. I'm begginer in graphic but I do it with heart and I'm pretty happy with resoult. :D

    I don't have much experience I just doing graphic for some Stardoll members like Sarabear123 and Princesslicha.

    Huuh. I have big imagination in my opinion :D

    You can find my graphic works in this blog: if you are interested.

    Or simple visit my profile in Stardoll: pasion_katii