Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hands in Beauty Parlor- and update to my last post!

Hi again!

Now that thing I said before in my last post about the glitch with the one hand, ISNT a glitch. Its just for starplazas sake!

This is what it is like in Beauty Parlor!

(under the face, and body, and jewellery , etc. sections it says hands or nails- i cant remember!)

This is the longest verion for your nails!


And small/normal

To change use this button here!

COming to think of it, what is the point of  making these nails? I mean i really like the idea, but on our medoll you can only see our thumb anyway... and not even that clearly! What do YOU think?

Pallie xox


  1. You can see the hands bigger, if you click on the hand (in the suite) from the doll. :)

  2. ok thanks! But still, its pointless cuz you cant see them from far away!