Monday, April 4, 2011

No Comments?

UPDATE: Few more days to enter your thoughts, do it now :)

So it appears that The Stardoll Society is loosing its viewers. I was here since one of the first days since opened to all of us, remembering that there was about 7 comments per post... and now, less than 1! Its very sad of what the blog has became... now we can't hear your opinion on things, but if you would either take your time to fill out this survey below, or in comments let us know what you want to see on TSS :)

Thanks for taking your time to complete!


  1. I answered the poll. And it was really creative of you to post this! Great Job, Lindsey!

  2. Yes! And clever ;)
    Will we get to know the answers?

    But I wont do the survey, I mean obvioulsy I write for the blog, therefore anyway check into it everyday! I just dont have the time to comment on EVERYTHING!

  3. I think it's a good Idea to make this survey !
    Because there are many readers and no comments..=(

  4. Just like Pallie.25 said. There are many readers just not commenters

  5. @Pallie: I will post the results after more people enter :D

  6. I just read...
    can't comment most on the time since I usually go on my phone